A father to two children, I have been in the IT industry for 15 years working for a major equipement manufacturer and solutions provider.

For most of these years I worked in the end user computing side of things, however after around ten years I had grown weary and disenchanted with technology - it had become hum drum. Our enterprise team based in the office I was currently working in were looking to hire some new blood. I did not think that I stood much of a chance of getting the role, however I am very pleased to say that I got the job and have since been promoted three times and I am now providing third line support for compute (racked and blade systems) along with some entry level storage and Tape Back Up on a global scale.

The initial move reignited my interest in technology - so many cool things to learn - NIC teaming/bonding, Linux, virtualisation, containers, scripting, VLANs, certifications, remote/out of band management (iDRAC, iLO and so on), mutlipath, leaf and spine networking, uplinks, 10GbE+, RAID, iSCSI, FCoE.... the list goes on and on in this space, it is incredible what there is to learn.

In order to aid my learning, I decided to change my then current desktop machine in to a CentOS server to do stuff. I wasn't sure what stuff, but I ended up hosting a Plex server, Minecraft servers and a monitoring tool (Muninn) - this taught me a little bit about Linux (just enough to be dangerous) and it also gave me a glimpse of how much there was to know. This also allowed me to start virtualising other OS using QEMU and libvirt. This process taught me two things 1) I am not good at planning and 2) things could have been done better

There is so much to learn, I struggle to focus on any one thing and get bored quickly. So, I have set up this page primarily to serve as documentation for the things I have learned and, perhaps, may even help others. If you have any feedback on any of my articles, please let me know via Twitter.